Issue 73 • March 2017

Issue 73 March 2017 of Landscape Photography Magazine


Shooting Wide Free Post

Free Content • Shooting Wide

For some, capturing a wide view of a scene can be easy. But for others, as Stan Moniz explains, it can be frustrating and difficult

The Print Off Free Post

Free Content • The Print Off

Is there a major difference between the various printing labs when it comes to picture printing quality and services they offer? Tiffany Reed Briley tests

Interview with Mark Metternich

In Conversation…Mark Metternich

Mark Metternich is a renowned and extremely passionate landscape photographer. In his interview with Tiffany Reed Briley he discusses his inspirations

A Fjord's Tale

A Fjord’s Tale

Horia Bogdan visits Ullsfjorden Fjord and examines the passing of time through some remarkable hidden rock formations.

Why Bother?

Landscape photography can be gruelling, so why do we put up with the early mornings and bad weather? Mark Bauer examines his own motivations

Book Review Timeless

Book Review: Timeless

Rafael Rojas has released a new book, “Timeless”, of images of Venice captured using black and white film. David Hay has the review

Exposure Bracketing Free Post

Free Content • Exposure Bracketing

Andy Brown explains how you can use the exposure bracketing technique to achieve better dynamic range in order to create more pleasing landscape photographs

No Statement Needed

No Statement Needed

Have you ever felt the need to write a statement to explain your work to others? Rafael Rojas suggests not to, just let your work speak for itself instead

Dare to be different

Dare to be different

Do you get frustrated when others don’t understand or appreciate what you are trying to achieve with your photography? Alister Benn offers advice

Winter vs. Summer

Winter in the mountains brings many unique patterns and an amazing quality of light. Getting out on the open slopes at higher elevations, however, can be a bit challenging. Trevor Anderson explains

Put Yourself in the Picture

Put Yourself in the Picture

Having a person in a landscape photograph can really bring it to life, but what do you do if there is no-one else around? Ian Plant suggests putting yourself in it!

Abstractions Part 2

In the second part of his series on abstraction, Alain Briot discusses how to go about creating abstract photographs, starting with the selection of a…

The complication of digital cameras

The Complication of Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have given us a lot of power and a wealth of features, but at the expense of added complexity. David Hay looks back to a simpler time…