Issue 71 • Jan 2017

Issue 71 January 2017 of Landscape Photography Magazine


Focal Length Decisions by Andy Brown

Focal Length Decisions

A daunting array of lenses await the landscape photographer – many of them seemingly exorbitantly priced. Andy Brown shares his thoughts on choosing lenses

Buachaille Etive Mor, Scotland by Alan Short Free Post

Featured Artist • Alan Short

[vision_notification style=”success” font_size=”18px”]The Project[/vision_notification] Every month we display the photographic work of an exceptional…

Mastering Exposure Book Review

Book Review: Mastering Exposure

David Taylor is a prolific author of practical photography books with over 30 titles to his name. In this book he tackles the complex subject of exposure…

Photographing Hawthorn Trees by Lizzie Shepard

Photographing Hawthorn Trees

In her ongoing series looking at different types of tree, Lizzie Shepherd travels the UK looking at beautiful exemplars of the Hawthorn to photograph

2016 Gear Roundup

2016 Gear Roundup

Last year was fairly productive for some of the camera brands, but not for all. Mark Bauer looks back on what has been released and what 2017 will bring…

In Conversation Joseph Rossbach

In Conversation… Joseph Rossbach

Exclusive interview with Joseph Rossbach. Tiffany Reed Briley discusses his style, his choice of equipment and how photographers can turn professional…

Building the Future by Alister Benn

Building the Future

Learning new techniques is important, but Alister Benn urges you to have an idea of what to do with them before embarking on any new training…

Photo Tour Operators, What Next By Peter Cairns

Photo Tour Operators, What Next?

Peter Cairns considers the history of photography tours and workshops and questions whether contemporary trends in the business are sustainable

Creating Iconic Locations by Dimitri Vasileiou

Creating Iconic Locations

Some locations have become iconic for landscape photographers, but Dimitri Vasileiou highlights how to find new locations that will become iconic…