Issue 68 • Oct 2016

Issue 68 October 2016 of Landscape Photography Magazine

Dimitri-VasileiouDiving into the unknown

A strong, warm wind, even though it was coming from the north, 28 celsius outside temperature and just a handful of people waiting to board the small plane to Karpathos – a Greek island that, until recently, I’d had no idea of its natural beauty, although I knew of its existence.

For the first time in my photographic life I am on the tarmac, headed for a destination completely unprepared. My usual approach is to study the area, write a list of potential locations to visit, best time of day to go and other, more technical, information to try to ensure returning with some great images.

This time, however, I completely ran out of time to prepare as I usually would. Yet, here I am with a big smile on my face and great enthusiasm for a lovely holiday and photography in the ‘unknown’. Perhaps this is what we all need from time to time? A dive into the unknown? It is always interesting to see what we bring back with us when we once again surface.

Until next month, be well, stay inspired and read the latest issue from cover to cover.

Dimitri Vasileiou, Editor of LPM

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