Issue 63 • May 2016

Dimitri-VasileiouA Dedicated Forum

Seven years ago I began working on an idea of a magazine dedicated to landscape photography. In 2011, this idea became a reality and today landscape photographers from around the world can enjoy Landscape Photography Magazine on its many platforms.

In recent years, one element has felt to be missing and, over the past months, we have been working to build a forum within the LPM website dedicated to landscape photography. Today, this idea has become a reality and the LPM Forum is live and ready for you to use.

So, what’s the idea? What can we do in the LPM Forum? Why do we need one? Well, in today’s fast serving social media where your images have fractions of seconds to impress your followers, your reach is being continually squeezed and where communication has turned to comments such as ‘very nice’, the LPM Forum has never been more relevant and now offers us all a distinct and much needed alternative.

Most importantly, you can now share your images within a community of like-minded people – landscape photographers. You can start your own topics, join in on others, receive feedback on your images, share and receive ideas on techniques, equipment, locations, processing and much more. The forum is the place where you can be noticed and find out what’s new in the landscape photography world, as well as showcase your work. The LPM Forum is the place where you can create real friendships and have real chats with people who will respect you for what you are and for who you are.
The LPM team and I will be spending much time on the forum on a daily basis and I look forward to chatting with you, seeing your ideas, remarks and images, and inviting your best images for publication in the magazine.

All existing LPM members already have instant access to the forum through the website, using your existing LPM login details. If you aren’t yet an LPM member, creating an account for the forum is quick, easy – and free.

So, come along and let’s create a real and extraordinary community for all of us landscape photographers. Click on 'Forum' in the navigation bar above and get started.

Until next month, be well and stay inspired.

Dimitri Vasileiou, Editor of LPM

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