Issue 57 • Nov 2015

Dimitri-VasileiouSharp people
Reading the theory about how something works is great – and we are very lucky to have such a wealth of information at our fingertips now in this digital age. But does reading about something actually mean we fully understand it?

Take cameras and lenses, for instance. You read about their functions, you play with it and, much of the time, you even understand what the manufacturer is trying to say. However, when it comes to tilt/shift lenses, I’ve found it to be a completely different story. Regardless of how many hours spent reading about the Scheimpflug principle, one can go round and round in circles and still end up with more questions than answers. The reality is the very best way to really understand how something works is often to get ‘hands on’ with it. In the case of tilt/shift lenses, to have someone actually show you how they really can and should work has proved the way to provide those answers.

Last year I started running tilt/shift lens workshops in the Lake District in England, teaching photographers how to get the best out of these lenses – and watching their faces fill with excitement as it all comes together. Having just returned from the latest workshop, I am pleased to say that the world now has seven more landscape photographers whose images will be sharp as a razor blade.

Until next month, be well and stay inspired.

Dimitri Vasileiou, Editor of LPM