Issue 37 • March 2014

Dimitri-VasileiouHappy Birthday to Us! LPM is now 3 years old - three very successful and prosperous years with many more to follow. A huge thank you to all our followers who have made LPM’s continuing success possible! Look out for the 15th of March as we will have a present for you, something to say thank you for three wonderful years.

We have an exclusive review of the new 6 stop ND "Little Stopper" from LEE Filters. I have been waiting for this filter for ages and I believe so have many of you.

When you visit our website this month you may notice some changes to your profile page, where you can now check your details, your membership status (Silver-Gold-Platinum), as well as how many active days are left on your account. To visit your profile page, click on your username at the top right of the website page, next to ‘Sign Out’ (after you have logged in of course).

In the March issue this month we have a fascinating interview with Charlie Waite, one of Europe’s most prolific landscape photographers. Now, with the launch of USA Landscape Photographer of the Year, he reveals his hopes for the competition, his favourite location and why he will never retire.

Also, we have put together our guide to photographic workshops. With workshops and tuition proving more popular than ever, we provide an insight into if and why you should join one, what to expect, what to look for when choosing a workshop - what to avoid!

Morag & Ted test out merino wool garments for us – lightweight and easy to pack, but are they worthy of that precious space in your suitcase? We find out.

Finally, don’t forget to check out Mark Hamblin’s beautiful article on minimalist landscape photography. The March issue is an issue not to be missed!



Beginners Guide To ISO Choice

This month Mike Bell explains the important role that ISO choice plays in optimising the quality of your landscape photography.